Why Are Posts Interesting On the Day I’m Away from Computer?

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I’m on my way to Seattle for the day, but before I go I check Google Reader.  Usually I skim through, open the articles I want to read in a separate tab and then read them after skimming through all of the posts and marking them as “read”.  Today I ended up with 8 tabs and no time to read them!

Or, well, a little time to read, but no time to really think about them.  Like this post:  Crystals may be possible in time as well as space  It sounds cool, but I really need to think about the article to grok how cool this theory could be.

This article I plan to implement and I’ve already shared it with a colleague:  Stop Writing Project Proposals

And I really need to Schedule An Immersion Day as this article suggests.

There are a couple of interesting applications I want to try:  Kincad for creating PCBs and Content Scorer, which is a Beta app that helps you score your Tweets.  No idea yet how it does that, but want to find out.

Two posts I want to read and write blog posts for Beyond Paper about their topics:  Flexible work isn’t working for most  and Best Professional Nameplate Site.  And then there is a post from a couple days ago that has been open in a tab, but haven’t grokked it yet:  How to Find Your Creative Sweet Spot

Finally, I really need to write a blog post myself, as I think I skipped yesterday.  I really need to make time for….Oh!  Done!

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