Simplify Your Website and Save Money

Just as in any kind of business, duplicating your work in your website wastes time, money, and leaves you open to errors.  Take a look at your site and you’ll probably notice at least two areas that are the same on all pages: your header and your footer.

Most static websites are made up of pages, with each page completely different from another.  If you change a menu item in the navigation in your header, you will have to change it on all of your pages.  When you update your copyright notice in your footer to reflect the current date you have to change in all pages.

Content management systems take care of this using templates, but even if you don’t want to use a CMS you (or your designer) should be eliminating duplication by creating separate files to hold parts of your site that are duplicated from page to page.  Look at the header of this website:

If I have the code that represents this part of my website in a separate file, I can reference that file whenever I need it.  It will automatically appear on each page.  Most important, however, if I make a change, I only need to change one file, not every one of dozens of pages!

Why You Should Care

If you don’t manage your own website, but have a designer or webmaster do it for you you should care because it costs money when you ask them to make updates.  Which is cheaper – making changes to one page or changing dozens of pages manually?  Which is less prone to error, or forgetting to make a change on a page?

It is far more efficient and cheaper in the long run to put headers, foots and some kinds of sidebars or side navigation in separate files, changing them only once and having them appear via code on each page they are needed.

Will This Work On My Site?

I can take a look at your site for free and let you know if it will work for your layout and web host.  Just contact me at to set up a review!


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