WordPress e-Commerce Template : Love this Layout

Obox Design has just released a fantastic new template for the WordPress e-Commerce plugin.  With a home-page slider, responsive mobile design and different layout options it could be used as-is, or I can customize it for you.

store by Obox Design

Inspirational Add-ons for Your Websites and Applications

I’ve got a bunch of browser tabs open, but no time to prototype out some of these cool ideas, so this is a roundup of items I plan on making into plugins for WordPress or incorporating into future projects.

Ladda  by Hakim El Hattab / @hakimel

Hakim has created a UI concept that changes the Submit button in a form to reflect the loading indicator status.




News Tickers

News tickers are so 1990s, but done right they can encourage visitors to click deeper into your site.  Use them to highlight articles or draw attention to what is new.  Here are a few I really like.

Code Canyon’s Modern News Ticker

With 15 different themes and 4 layouts, this ticker is a traditional “CNN news” style ticker.





Totem Ticker

A vertical ticker.  I’d like to make this one a WordPress plugin with the option of displaying the featured image with the title overlayed for each item.





Another vertical ticker, but this one runs off of a plain list (ul li).  I’d love to see how this would work with images and text as well.

Icon Hover Effects by Codrop

I’d like to use these in a non-traditional navigation menu.  I’m percolating some ideas…


Adding Lat/Long Picker to Admin

This post is slightly out of order, but here is a screen shot of how I implemented the latitude/longitude in yesterday’s post into my standard admin interface:


The user can manually enter the lat/long, click on the map – which moves the marker to the new point and fills in the lat/long fields, or enter a street address. When “find” is clicked, the map marker changes to the street address location and the lat/long fields are automatically filled in.

Transparent Notification Box

An informational notification box that is slightly transparent over the background.

This uses the blur.js plugin and you can see the transparency is more pronounced with a brighter background:

I like this notification plugin for longer messages or information – perhaps even to preview blog posts before clicking through to them.


Color Tool Tips

Ah tool tips.  Does anyone use them anymore?  I can think of several reason why they could be necessary:

  • Tell a visitor where a link is leading them – off your site?  On your site?
  • Define an acronym.  If you use a lot of acronyms, it might just be easier to use a tool tip for the full name.
  • Limited footnote information.  Explain a term or describe where the information came from.

Hover over the links in the paragraph below to see the different tool tips.

You can also see the demo here.

This is a jQuery plugin and is extremely lightweight.  Adding tool tips is simple, just add a title tag to your link: <a href=”http://beyond-paper.com” title=”The tooltips do not use any images”>

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