Off the Needles: Rigoles


My first swing-knitting piece finished.  I used a combination of mohair and silk-wool for the green and Debbie Bliss silk for the colored panels.  I definitely wouldn’t use the Debbie Bliss silk for this again.  I didn’t like how it turned out with that yarn, however it is warm and is pretty.  Not sure if I will keep it or save as a gift.

Off the Needles: Peanut Scarf

Why Peanut Scarf?  Because the colors are the same as my dog, Peanut!  Made for my husband with 5 balls of Noro Kureyon.  I wasn’t very happy with this yarn – each skein had at least 1 knot in it, two had 2 knots and one had 4!


Off the Needles: Midwinter Sky

Knit on #9 needles with Knit Picks Chroma fingering yarn.  I didn’t have a pattern and just wanted to try out some mesh and beading.  The beads actually sparkle like stars in the winter sky.




Off the Needles: Drachenfels

Finished the Drachenfels shawl for me!  Laid out for blocking and knit with Cloudborn Highland Sport Yarn in the fire colorway.  I love how this yarn knit up – the stitches are very crisp.  I’d like to try this yarn with cables next.

I love these slip stitch dots.

More slip-stitch dots on the border with a nice i-cord bind off.

It took me a week of knitting during TV at night to get this done!


Off the Needles: Hollyhock Wingspan

wp-image-722977393jpg.jpgMy knitting projects for a while have been in colors that don’t suit me.  They are lovely colors, but I look better in dark, rich colors.  This Wingspan shawl was knit in Debbie Bliss’ Luxury Silk DK (4 balls) in the Hollyhock (or Circus) colorway.  I used #6 US circular needles and it took me about a week to complete. Or would have if I had ordered the correct amount of yarn.  I had to go back and order 2 additional skeins.

An additional problem was changing balls – the yarn unravels easily and is very slippery, so I tried several different techniques.  The one that worked the best was using a fisherman’s knot with long ends that are knit in.  The knot is undetectable this way.  I tried just trimming the ends flush, but the knots tended to unravel.  Knitting in the ends without the knot also resulted in the ends working loose and being unsightly.

Next step is to get it wrapped up and put away for Christmas! I know someone who would look great in these colors!

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