Music for Week Ending Jul 08 2013

Music for Week Ending Jul 08 2013

Short Bites Friday

Wrapping text around a video in WordPress is problematic, but Joseph Foley has a solution.

I’ve made some change to my business website.  Let me know what you think!

CSS-Tricks did a post listing the WordPress plugins they regularly use.  I need to do this too.

Are you following me on Facebook?  I post lots of additional links and resources there.

A brief history of texting.  I’m encouraging clients to text me more – phone calls are so disruptive! Are you using texting in your business?

A couple of neat coding examples I’m anxious to try  out and hack for myself:

My newest template: bpEnigma

More Fun with Lists: Adding Backgrounds

This is a simple list that I’ve formatted with a background and icons.  In this case, each item background is different, but it would make sense to use this method to categorize links.  For example all list items referring to money could use the dollar background, while reference type list items could use the books.

WordPress Plugin Review: Category Sticky Post

A sticky post is just a blog post that you designate to appear first when a bunch of posts are being viewed.  This works in basic blog view (usually your home page) if you click on Visibility in your editing bar and then click on the box that says “Stick this post to the front page”.

This only works for the home page of your blog, however.  Sometimes you may want a sticky post when viewing a category of posts.  For example on Beyond Paper I have intro text for my Inspiration category.  I actually hard coded this in, which is perfectly fine for me because I know how to go behind the scenes and change it.  However,  if another designer or programmer comes in it is going to be hard for them to figure out where I hard coded my intro.  A sticky post, on the other hand, can be changed by any user and requires no special coding.  It is far better to use a sticky post for this kind of introduction and now there is a plugin that allows you to mark a post as sticky for a particular category.

The sticky post has some basic formatting, which could be jazzed up however you want:

If you are interested in finding out more about sticky posts for categories contact me at







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