Round Up of This and That

There’s been an item on my to-do list forever:  “Clean Out To-Blog Folder”.  When I’m browsing the web or reading my RSS feeds I bookmark stuff I find interesting and want to come back to.  And then I never visit those links again.

Today, finding myself with some unaccustomed free time I decided to clean out this catch-all.  There is a lot of puzzling stuff in there:

Some responsive web design links (now that I look at them, I think they need to be in

But here is some gold:

And nearly a hundred jQuery or WP plugins that I wanted to remember.  I guess I have some blogging to do!




Speeding Up Your WordPress Site

My personal and business site score really well, but I’m thinking of testing these plugins on my sandbox installs where I’m running a bunch of different plugins.

2 Plugins to Put Your Site in the Fast Lane

Footers for Your Website

Some really great footer designs were posted over at WPMU.  I wish I had the creativity of a designer to dream up designs like this, but being a programmer has its advantages too.  My favorite:



I love how the images and the dynamic content fit together.

Busy Friday Round Up

Things are rocking here, so instead of a thoughtful post I’m going to cop out and share the tabs that are open in my browser right now.  When I see something I want to come back to I just open it in a separate tab, but so far I haven’t gotten to any of these today:

Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes – professionally interested in seeing how other people code responsive websites and WordPress themes.

Digging Into WordPress 3.4 – I want to see if this is worth reading or just reiterates everything I already know.

New Free Textures for Your Delight – To add to my Textures Listly

How to Monetize Your WordPress Posts with 1 Easy-To-Use Plugin – Really?

The Best WordPress Related Websites On the Internet –  If I’m not following them in Google Reader, I want to add them.

10 Cool jQuery Flyout Menu Plugins –  Because I always seem to need one that does something just slightly different.

Hopefully I can get to these this weekend….though I’m seriously thinking about taking a no-tech weekend.

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