Custom Block Quote Plugin

I’ve created a WordPress plugin for the styled blockquote featured in this post.  To use:

  • Upload the zip file by logging into your WP admin and clicking on Plugins->Add New
  • Click on Upload
  • After installation is complete click on “Activate”

To use the plugin, put the following code wherever you want the blockquote to display:

[code language=”javascript”]

[quote image=”the_image_url.jpg” title=”the title” source=”the_source.html” author=”The Author”]The Quotation Body[/quote]


  • the_image_url.jpg is the complete URL of the image you’ve already uploaded to WP
  • the title is the name of the book or publication.
  • the_source.html is the URL of where the quote came from (can be left blank).
  • The Author is (strangely enough) the author or originator of the quote.
  • The Quotation Body is the actual quote

And this is what you get:

The Quotation Body

The Author

the title



Download Plugin:  bp_custom_block_quotes

Thanks to CoDrops, from whom the original CSS came.

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